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One of the brands under Neptün, TRILYA produces candles of different shapes and textures, demanded by the market of hand-made candles. TRILYA, named after a small town in the region of Gemlik, also has an interesting mythological story. Rumor has it that during the spreading of Christianity, three priests that have been excommunicated by the Council of Nicaea have settled down in this region, which was then named after them, where “tri” means “three” and “ilya” means “priests”.

All candles produced by TRILYA can be lighted. The candles produced by the talented designers of Neptün are in general handicraft, and tailor-made designs may also be done following consumer demands. TRILYA also produces special candles for hotels, spas and restaurants.

During the design phase of products, by taking into account the color and trend of each year, the creation team defines the color and the shapes of the candles within the framework of the special characteristics of the day, and the productions are made in these colors. For TRILYA candles produced on the basis of the preferences of consumers, choices are made in favor of the trend of the year. Whereas the period of lighting of candles may be different, depending on the dimensions and volumes, they may vary from 3 to 200 hours. Produced in conformity with high quality standards, the completely certified TRILYA products are all made of environment-friendly raw materials.