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One of the special brands under Neptün, MISSI hosts a wide variety of aromas composed of stony, reedy and normal room odors and air fresheners, aromatic stones, sacs, colognes and soaps. Another main branch of this brand family which is named after chinchilla cat, a fragrant, much admired, sympathetic, good-tempered, long-haired and sparkling grey-white cat includes air scenting devices and professional air scenting equipment. MISSI products, addressing a remarkably wide segment of consumers, address all who want to enjoy the environment in which they live, and are also preferred by hotels, spa centers and shops in terms of professional businesses.

MISSI products, designed completely by Neptün’s professional creative team, include a very wide range of different aromas. Within the range of aromas of MISSI inspired by their identical equivalents in the nature, there are very attractive options from flower fragrance to fruit and sea fragrance. And in every new product season, different aromas are added among these essences, much admired for their comforting characteristics and for making the users feel like they are outdoors.

For reedy room odors, depending on the shape, packaging and function of the product, the odor emission characteristics of MISSI products present a permanence of 1,5 to 6 months, in relation to the volume of the bottle. As for the fragrant stones, on the other hand, they are generally capable of maintaining the odor for a long period of time, and as the level of odor starts to decrease, by applying additional essence it can be refreshed continuously.

Produced in conformity with high quality standards, the completely certified MISSI products are all made of environment-friendly raw materials.