Air Scenting

Neptün Air Scenting
Air Scenting Machine

A special service provided by Neptün, air scenting is a specific application composed of the scenting by a predefined odor of any environment in a controlled and stable way. This application’s objective is to leave a nice impression on a person entering a closed environment and to make him (or her) feel better after entering in that environment, and it is preferred especially by stores, hotels and malls. Within the framework of this service, Neptün, having special designs made for each brand separately, thus aims at ensuring a closer contact between the company to receive scenting services and its customers as well as a higher level of brand awareness. In the air scenting application realized by professional devices, special time controlled and quantity controlled devices are used. As essence granules are spread in the air in a totally natural way without using any gas whatsoever by these devices projecting the preselected essence to the air in the form of very small, micron level granules, they remain suspended in the air thanks to the tiny molecules, and ensure a long-time and healthy air scenting. In terms of programs and projection capacity, 3 types of scenting devices are used in Neptün. Using program designs created by Turkish engineers, these devices, apart from the business option, used in stores, malls, executive offices, restrooms, gas stations and mass housing projects, also has a lower-volume option for smaller environments and homes. Neptün, offering a wide range of odors within the framework of its air scenting services, carries out designs of scent, which is a very relative notion, according to different admirations and preferences.